About Us


We exist to love God and others and to make disciples for Christ in the Arab world. We do that through connecting people to God by:

  • helping individuals and families live a holy life
  • committing to growing spiritually together in smaller life groups
  • and worshipping together as a congregation.


Our congregation aims to see as many people as possible following Jesus on the Pathway of Discipleship, growing in their communities and spreading the Gospel in unreached areas. We also aim to see churches formed and communities holistically transformed.



Resurrection Church was established in 1964 by a group of believers: Daoud Tleel, Fayez Sakhnini, Ayoub Abu Na’eem, and Raja Allaaty.
As they started gathering in homes in the area of Hadath, Ps. Khalil Ibrahim, an Egyptian theology student, who was studying in Beirut, led the ministry and pastored the church until 1976. After the eruption of the Lebanese civil war, Ps. Khalil had to flee the country with his family, handing over the church leadership to Ps. Ghassan Khalaf, who pastored the church, building it on strong Biblical doctrine. In 2008, Ps. Ghassan handed over the leadership to Ps. Hikmat Kashouh, our current senior pastor. With Ps. Hikmat’s kingdom-minded approach and missional leadership, the church has grown and still is growing exponentially in size, quality, and impact.

In 2011, we saw God open doors for us to reach our neighbors and enemies with the Gospel as we faithfully served and practically loved refugee families and people who were most in need. Because of the holistic ministry that the church provided, and because of the love of Christ that many experienced, the church grew to more than 2,000 families by the end of 2019. We witnessed many baptisms and life transformations.

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In 2019, because of Covid and the difficult situation in Lebanon, our senior pastor encouraged the leadership team to see each challenge as an opportunity in disguise. As a result, we decentralized pastoral care, empowering leaders within each indigenous community to pastor their own spiritual tribe. Today, because of this strategic move, we currently have 42 congregations reaching more than 5,000 families in the community, and impacting hundreds of thousands online.


previously known as Hadath Baptist Church
  • Br. Khalil Ibrahim: 1964-1976
  • Rev. Dr. Ghassan Khalaf: 1977-2008
  • Rev. Dr. Hikmat Kashouh: 2008 - present

National Impact


Families being served in the community

Families belonging to the congregation

Life Groups led by 220 leaders

Congregations led by 44 pastors

Different areas in Lebanon being served

Participating in the growth of the church in Lebanon and the MENA region has been a blessing and a journey for us and for our leaders, whether they are tribe pastors, LifeGroup leaders, ministry managers, high-capacity volunteers, and/or staff. With the growth of the church, the responsibilities of every leader grow, and consequently, the need for training and development grows as well. Our leadership development programs encompass four dynamics: instructional, experiential, relational, and spiritual. This is to ensure that our DNA is well embedded across all of our ministries.

Resurrection Church partners with Arabic-speaking churches and individuals inside and outside of Lebanon to enhance areas of discipleship movements, church formation, sustainability, community service, and leadership development. Currently, we are partnering with 30 churches and assemblies from Arabic-speaking countries, and we have invested in 100 growing congregations in more than 10 countries. Resurrection Church also has a wide network of Kingdom-minded churches that we collaborate with inside Lebanon (Kingdom Partnership Network), in Syria & the Arab world (at least 100 churches). As a church that has been blessed with people and an unprecedented experience, we want to bless others, expanding the Kingdom.