Vision Of The Year

 'Heaven, Together with the Word of God’  "سما، سوا مع الكلمة"

During 2024,

Resurrection Church will focus on "Together with the Word" ("سوا مع الكلمة"), in which the translation stands as an acronym of "SAMA", meaning "Heaven" in Arabic.

Throughout this year, we seek to:
1- Equip our leaders with a deeper understanding of the word of God and empower them to lead SAMA communities.
2- Integrate deeper discipleship strategies throughout all the church’s activities and events.
3- Have at least 10 new communities that are focused and committed to regularly growing deeper together with the Word, both physically or online.

Highlights 2023 - أبرز أحداث عام ٢٠٢٣

Highlights 2023

Vision 2023: Intimacy through Hospitality


This vision was implemented across all 7 areas of ministry of the church. Here are the major highlights in each area of ministry this year:


1- Leadership Development: Investing in pastors & emerging leaders to carry the Biblical culture and DNA to their areas of influence. 

●      59 pastors engaged in weekly, monthly, & quarterly trainings and conferences to enhance their leadership skills and their Biblical understanding.

●      315 Life group leaders attended monthly sessions focusing on intimacy, hospitality, discipleship tools, and effective life group leadership.

●      45 of our existing pastors were mentored by 10 mentors who supported these tribe pastors through individual and small cohort meetings.

●      25 ladies (Tribe pastors and wives of tribe pastors) were counselled and mentored intensively on a monthly basis.

●      34 young adults were trained in leadership. 12 of them were trained in Biblical studies, completing a 6-session intimacy course followed by an Old Testament course and 22 of them were equipped in practical youth ministry, leading 17 different youth groups across the tribes.

●      100 teachers and children workers, from diverse backgrounds across 30 spiritual tribes, were equipped with tools for effective children's ministry, through regular training sessions.

●      More than 500 volunteers were equipped to serve in their gifting, the growing body of Christ in different capacities and locations.

●       Six church leaders received relief best practices and development training.

●      39 potential leaders underwent basic training in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint and literacy courses.


2-    Individual & Family Discipleship: Deepening the culture of discipleship and moving people forward on their discipleship pathway, across all stages of life.

●      237 individuals completed the Pathway of Discipleship course successfully and 115 individuals were baptised.

●      4,669 families, across the 45 tribes, consider ‘Resurrection Church’ their spiritual home and community.

●      At least 400 life groups, led by 315 leaders, form the heartbeat of our community today, playing a crucial role of fostering connection, intimacy, and spiritual growth within our large church family.

●      More than 1,500 children were effectively reached through 5 major events, two weekly interest-based clubs (art and cooking), and a 7-week summer camp. Of these, 45 children now attend our weekly Sunday service with their families.

●      A kids’ Instagram account was opened to help parents receive parenting tips and to equip kids with content for their spiritual journey.

●      600 children have received weekly comprehensive and interactive teachings on both the Old and New Testaments, that helped emphasise Biblical values at home.

●      The children’s ministry on the 3rd Sunday worship service in Baabda campus, was strengthened by targeted small events, reaching an average weekly attendance of 20 kids by the end of 2023.

●      49 juniors, more than 140 teenagers (40 in Baabda, 100 in 17 other tribes), and 79 young adults are committed to grow spiritually together on a weekly basis. At least 50 of them actively serve within the church community according to their gifting. Additionally, the young adults played a major role in executing the “Philadelphia” initiative during the whole month of October.

●      31 elders, aged 60 and above, were provided with dedicated services that involved regular home visits and check-up calls, medical and psychological support, relief support, and seasonal events.

●      More than 3,000 people were reached from the community through various seasonal and intentional events such as: Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Village, hikes, recreational weekly indoor events such as“Ta3o Nel3ab”, football and basketball clubs and tournaments.


3-    Online Discipleship: Discipling people online and helping them connect with online and/or physical faith communities for continual spiritual development.

●      Over 1 million users were reached on our Facebook main account and over 661.5K users on our main Instagram account. In December our posts and stories got a lot of attention, with 63.2% engagement for posts and a 561.5% engagement for stories, while ads reach has skyrocketed to 58.2K%, even with a 60% reduction in ads spent.

●      More than 1,500 users per year had meaningful and engaging conversations with our correspondence team across our 10 social media platforms.

●      1.7K active participants from 11 countries were discipled in a closed FB community group.

●      33 online life groups, representing 119 families, took place, led by a total of 7 life group leaders.

●      83 individuals completed the POD course online and 4 of them got baptised.

●      Resurrection Church is now found on YouVersion BibleApp.

●      Our online teaching team wrote 10 plans for different courses & Bible plans that will be launched at the beginning of 2024.

●      Our team started using a new tool, Echo, for tracking correspondence and online conversations.


4-    Community Service: Holistically caring for the community, meeting their basic needs, and building lasting relationships.

●      134 students received school scholarships for the academic year 2022-2023.

●      More than 2,500 families were helped each month and around the year with food, hygiene, blankets, clothes, baby diapers, and formula milk.

●      More than 35 persecuted families were assisted with financial, medical, psychological, and educational support.

●      More than 3,300 patients were served through the Al-Shafy clinic and medical teams throughout the year, with 350 requiring surgery/cancer treatments.

●      A local hospital was supported through a total of 360 medications during their shortage of medicine.

●      80 individuals went through group therapy sessions. And 10 facilitators were trained.

●      34 individuals underwent one-on-one counselling sessions.

●      90 individuals in Syria took 2 training conferences, one on group therapy and one on leading the community through crisis.

●      Despite the economic collapse, people still gave generously through financial donations, volunteered time, and gifts in kind.

●      Pastors were empowered and equipped to help their own congregations through a monthly pastoral emergency budget.



5-    Church Development, Formation and Impact: Expanding the church’s  model across wider geographical areas across Lebanon and the Middle East.


●      121 sub-locations were reached (within 14 areas of Lebanon) through Resurrection Church’s impact, creating a strong foundation for new community connections and the development of faith communities surrounding our 45 tribes.

●      19 teams and visiting groups were hosted with the purpose of praying for, supporting, serving alongside, and partnering with Resurrection Church.

 In Syria

●      More than 820 families were reached through 120 life groups.

●      28 people were baptised.

●      70 life group leaders, 19 ministry leaders, and 9 church leaders were trained and mentored from our congregation.

●      More than 624 families and 3 partnering churches were assisted for the earthquake response relief over the period of 6 months.

 Across the Middle East

●     28 churches in 5 countries were supported across the Middle East.

●     3 educational centers for at-risk kids and 2 ministries for at-risk women were supported in Egypt.

●      4 ministries were supported in various parts of Sudan despite the outbreak of war.


6-    Worship Development: Developing the worship and prayer life of the church, developing a new generation of worshipers, as well as populating the Arab world with worship music.

●      Our Sunday services helped the 45 congregations experience a life of worship in intimate settings where true fellowship and relationships happen. Additionally, the 45 congregations explored Biblical texts and heard Biblical teachings about intimacy that helped them implement hospitality with others around them throughout the week.

●      19 worship teams and 20 worship leaders were coached and mentored weekly and monthly to support them in their spiritual life, skill development, and leadership journey across the 45 different tribes.

●      111 students enrolled in the worship and music academy, 16 of which are now serving in different worship teams.

●      70 worship team individuals were trained from 5 different churches through a workshop.

●      2 major productions were done for Easter and Christmas and were broadcasted on 6 local and international TV channels, including some of the most influential channels in Lebanon.

●      Through the partnership with Sat7 Channels and Belight FM Radio, our Sunday services, as well as additional teachings and worship segments, were broadcasted to help those who follow us, be exposed to the life of worship and to Biblical teaching about intimacy.


7-    Strategic Management: Maximising and savvy stewarding what God has entrusted us with, from people, relationships, finances, and assets for the purpose of the church’s mission and vision.

●      A 3-year sustainability plan has been initiated to help the expansion of the church’s missional ministries.

●      The management team have lined up strategic and development plans for the coming 3 years that would build a strong sustainable foundation for the church’s expansion and impact across the Middle East.

●      A community center was bought in Sin El Fil to serve the wider community and wider body of churches, hosting our medical, educational, psyco-social and spiritual programs, and contributing to the larger witness and impact of the church in Lebanon.

●      A new associate executive and a project manager were added to the team to help manage the growth of the church.

●      Despite all the economic collapse and struggles in Lebanon, the church was able to manage its finances and operations in a savvy way.


Our 5-Year Vision