Relief And Medical


Every other month, Resurrection Church serves more than 3,500 vulnerable families from different nationalities, in our direct community, through food and hygiene distributions. The food parcels and/or food vouchers that are given provide the basic needs for the families, lasting for a maximum of 2 weeks. Additionally, seasonal distributions take place, providing those most in need with winter clothing, diapers, blankets, fans, heaters, hygiene kits, and more. Throughout the year, cases are assessed and distributions are made based on the criteria of vulnerability to ensure that funds available are maximized and the people are best served.


Our medical ministry has been a part of what Resurrection Church does for years. In 2019, God blessed us with a place to establish our first clinic “Al Shafy”, which means “The Healer”, in the Sin El Fil area. Through this clinic, we provide medical assistance and care for more than 350 patients every month. The clinic mainly serves patients from marginalized refugee and Lebanese communities, who are not able to cover their medical fees. We do this by offering medical consultation sessions, medication subsidies through special vouchers, support with laboratory and diagnostic tests, contributions to hospitalization costs, and other emergency needs, all with very minimal fees. In addition to running the clinic, the church partners with other local clinics and local pharmacies, and helps contribute to the cost of medical operations.