Education And Development


For the past 11 years, we have been helping refugee children have access to education. The program has evolved over the years with the ever-changing situation in Lebanon.
However, what remains constant is the safe environment and quality of education that our program provides. We have served, on average, more than 80 students every year. Today, we are dividing the program into two parts:


A morning program that is aimed at growing the educational level of refugee children so that they may attend schools we partner with in Lebanon. These children are academically struggling to enter schools and have no access to education because of their educational challenges and/or their legal status.


An afternoon program that is tailored to assist children with their school homework, given that they are unable to get such assistance from their parents. The program will be supplemented with psychosocial support sessions for parents, with the goal of improving the children's psychological and social well-being, which is directly influenced by their parents (particularly mothers). This program will provide Biblical education as well, introducing the Biblical culture into the children’s daily lives.


This program aims to provide school scholarships for students who are struggling financially to continue their education. Through this practical help that the church is providing for students and their families, we are able to build stronger relationships with them through follow-up initiatives, calling people to follow Christ, praying with them, teaching them the way of the Kingdom, and helping them live as Christ’s ambassadors in their schools and amongst their friends. Through this initiative, we have been able to help more than 120 students over the years.


The GROW Center provides affordable Christian early childhood education for at-risk kids ages 1-4 in Beirut, Lebanon. The all-female local staff supports the spiritual, cognitive, social, and physical development of Migrant, Refugee, and underserved Lebanese children. The Center impacts families through the Adult Mentoring Program by teaching positive parenting skills, and most importantly, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.