Resurrection Church is governed by a board of elders, led by a senior pastor and his team, and is sustained by every follower of Christ in this local body.

Since 2008, Rev. Dr. Hikmat Kashouh has led Resurrection Church through many blessings and challenges, focusing on disciple-making and serving those in need. Due to his missional vision and servant leadership, Resurrection Church has grown exponentially, transforming its direct community, spreading the Gospel throughout Lebanon, modeling plurality of leadership in the Arabic-speaking world, and impacting many lives both physically and online.

Rev. Kashouh is a pastor, a published scholar, and an inspirational speaker in the MENA region and the West. He earned his PhD in Textual Criticism from the University of Birmingham, UK, and has many publications. He and his wife, Krista, live in Lebanon and have three children.
In his free time, Rev. Kashouh enjoys playing sports, reading about leadership, and coaching emerging leaders

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Senior Pastors

Rev. Dr. Emad Botros

Assistant Professor of the Old Testament

Rev. Nabeel Chehade

Alpha Levant Coordinator

Karim Anayssi

Executive Director of Cedar Home

Rita Anayssi

Director of Care at Cedar Home

Randa M. Faisal

Life Coach


Assaad Touma

LifeGroup Leaders Movement & Campus Pastor

Shams Saad

Family Pastor

Daniel Arakel

Spiritual Tribes Manager

Emad Botros

MENA Partnership Pastor

Enaam Haddad Abu Khalil

HR Director

Lily Malky Njeim

Communication & Partnership Director

Nancy Helou

Teaching and People Flow Manager

Nawal Mousallem

Relief Ministry Manager

Raffy Njeim

Worship Pastor & Director

Rana Murr

Operations Director & Counseling Manager

Rita Sawaya Naoum

Accounting & Finance Director

S. Demyan

S. Demyan – Online Ministry Manager

Tsoler Pashayan

Medical Ministry Manager

Sameh Demyan

Teens & Young Adults Pastor

Yasso Alaa

Media Ministry Manager

Fadia Elias

Executive Associate